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Debadatta Club Origination Establish meant intheyear 1990 in Kalahandi District Odisha.Originated in the year 1989 Debadatta Club district has been a leading civil society organization working in the tribal Affairs remote and other areas of Kalahandi district of Odisha It is a non-profit making non-political organization of a group of spirited volunteers. Marked for their dedication and devotion in the field of social welfare. The Debadatta Club has been instrumental in empowering the dis-empowered communities and indicating efforts for susta!nab!e ”human development in the operation area.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Debadutta Club focuses on promoting the farming System and Practices which maintain and enhance economic viability of agricultural production.

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Child rights, Education and Development

Main thematic focus in this regard include action and advocacy for child rights and elimination of child labour and abuse.

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Women Development and Gender Issues

Important programme focus is on promotion of gender sensitive atmosphere in the society through direct and indirect methods.

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The office bearers of the organization deeply associate in the KBK area so far Kalahandi and Nuapada district is concerned Started on 05.3.2017 to10.3.2017 and 25.3.2017 to 30.3.2017.

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Awareness and Capacity Building

Awareness and training, employability skill enhancement program of PwDs among others.

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Disaster Management

The entire province of Odisha witnesses either flood, drought or cyclone every alternate year as is evident from Govt records as well.

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This is an organization started by a group of motivated youth among the community itself. So this organization is born, brought up, nurtured, and managed by the community itself. As a result, its volunteer base is more than 1300 among which women members are more than 700. Scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, minorities, backward classes, and primitive hilly tribes have got an overwhelming number in organizational program activities who are handheld by teams of experts with decades-long experience in UNDP, UNOPS, UNICEF, CARE, Plan International, PSI-USAID & Indian national NGOs.

    Dignity of life, non-discriminatory approaches and principle of equity.:

  • Diversity of social contexts and Integrity of individuals.
  • Dignity of life, non-discriminatory approaches and principle of equity.
  • Indigenous wisdom and knowledge that exists in the communities.
  • Professional, scientific and pragmatic approach of dealing with the problems.
  • Participatory and rights-based approach.
  • Convergence, networking and collaborations with the government systems, private sector and the agencies active in the social and development sector.
  • We Always focus on enabling the marginalized and weaker sections of rural society.
  • Our Ngo is to work towards developing

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Our Vision & Mission & Goal


    Enable the poor including women and men from a marginal poor community, Dalits, tribal people, and unemployed youths – to move towards sustainable development, through an overall increase in their knowledge and skills in areas that directly affect their standard and quality of life


    Alleviating poverty and poor health standards by promoting and working through community and organizations: with a focus on enabling the marginalized and weaker sections of rural society to participate.


    Making a meaningful contribution to society by empowering the communities to enable them to lead a life with dignity, equity, and quality.