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Debadatta club established itself as an employer devoted to the welfare and empowerment of disadvantaged communities.

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Our Programme & Projects

As a social activist club, we did a lot of pojects and still doing variety of program to complete our mission and vision we set for the growth of our organisation as well as the public trust on us. Have a look at some of our projects;

Watershed Development Programme

We successfully involved in the watershed development programme around our district and blocks and still we are on it to make this project successful.

Farmer Producer Organization

Debadatta Club also shown its interest on the issues of farmers and formed Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) by gathering the farmers together for their growth.

Odisha Millet Mission

Debadatta Club take a initiation with Government of Odisha Millet Mission Project and developing programme to develop the food and nutrition security.


Debadatta Club in summary

Debadatta Club, your trusted partner in all kinds of soial issues since 1992. Its a organization operated by the youths of Bargarh and served dedicatedly on issues like; distress migration, lack of NTFP marketing, low literacy rate, high MMR and IMR, lack of communication, lack of irrigation, lack of political will, and woman empowerment.

Thrust Area


Towards a society where everyone contributes according to best of her and his abilities and gets according to her or his basic needs through participation contribution ownership and with a life full of dignity.


Our engagement with the marginalized people essentially starts with a process of identification and analysis of chronic and systematic denial of right, which is led by the community members themselves. 

Our Showcased Project

Here are some of our successful extra-ordinary projects listed here for your reference and as an identification of us. 


Watershed Development Programme

With the financial support of NABARD, Debadatta Club has implemented two Watershed Development


Farmer Producer Organization

Bringing together farmers to form Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) is considered being a the small


Farm Sector Promotion Fund

Farm Sector Promotion Fund (FSPF) has been created in NABARD for supporting innovations in agriculture and allied sector leading

Fundraising Charity Events

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For Social Impacts Organization

Farm Sector Promotion Fund

This is a programme undertaken by NABARD and managing by Debadatta Club for the economical support of farmers as well as their income and productivity.

Off Farmers’ Producer Organization

This is an regular programme carried away by Debadatta Club to initiate the off farmer production for the development to ensure better income realisation and profit distribution.


Our success stories regarding our programs

Suratha Biswal presented his pumpkin cultivation in the training programme. In this , we gave him new technical inputs and tried the same cultivation, applying technical input he had received. Now he has been able to produce pumpkin of 08 tones and sold them @ Rs.6/- per KG and got Rs.48, 000/-. He planning it increase in Future .

Case 1

Debadatta club implemented Odisha Millet Mission project with support of ATMA, Bargarh and Technical Support by WASSAN. Shisupal was moblised for millet cultivation who appreciated the concept presented by Debadatta Club’s team and became interested ragi cultivation through System of Millets Intensification (SMI) method.

Case 2

Jugeswar Padhan was selected under Farm Sector Promotion Fund (FSPF) programme and motivated towards improved agriculture by Debadatta Club in 2022. As a result he cultivated brinjal in 01 acre of land following package of practices and multiplied his income by more than three times as compared to paddy cultivation.

Case 3


Sharing is Caring : Donate us for livelihood

Debadatta Club organizing many programmes that gives an impact to life with multi purpose activities. Be a doner and give us a hand on developing the society.


Contact us

Our answers on your issues : Connect us now

Any issues regarding us or our programes and on-going projects, feel free to contact us. We are ready to hear you and resolve your doubts. 

Email Address


+91 9937220386

+91 7978527954

This is so simple to join our organization. We are happily inviting people to give their hands on this social cause and growth of the locality. For joining, you have to contact our office secretary of Debadatta club and can ask for a membership. The membership is free of cost.

Want to become a donor and to be a partner of our success stories, contact our secretary or connect to our office through provided mail and phone number. We allow all kinds of payment methods for donation. Also, you can contribute to us with your moral support.

Debadatta club is involved in multi programmes and projects. Some Govt organization powered us to operate the projects successfully without any hassles. Some of our partner in developments are; NABARD, Odisha Millet Missions, District Rural Development Agency - Sonepur, Chief District Agriculture Office - Bargarh, Community Health Centre - Talpali, and Block Development Office - Gaisilat.


Press releases of our programmes

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